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“Contrology (Pilates) is complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit. Through Contrology your first purposefully acquire complete control of your own body and then through proper repetition of its exercises you gradually and progressively acquire that natural rythym and coordination associated with all your sub-
conscious activities.”

- Joseph H. Pilates

  Core Pilates | Our Instructors  

Karla Schwartz, owner, Pilates Instructor
Karla, a graduate from the University of Illinois, has been a student of Pilates since 2002 and has been teaching since 2007.  She received training and was certified through Balanced Body University.  Karla has danced since the age of three and continued to take classes through college.  After injuring both knees from running, Karla pursued Pilates to aid in her rehabilitation.  She knew immediately that Pilates was forever going to be part of her daily life.  Karla formed Core Pilates to be able to offer Pilates to everyone; all ages and fitness levels at an affordable price.  “Pilates just makes so much sense to me.  I take Mat Pilates skills and exercises wherever I am in the world.  That way I can practice every day and feel great!”

  Tonya Stockwell, Pilates Instructor
Tonya Stockwell was introduced to Pilates in 1998, when working for the family business.  Three years later, she was ACE certified, interning at a Pilates studio, and traveling to Santa Fe to study under the well known Master Teacher Michele Larsson.  After being certified, she completed Massage Therapy school for a more thorough understanding of the body.  She has a longstanding love with the Pilates Method.  Believing that if the relationship between stretch and strength isn't given the recognition and commitment it deserves, the body's movement is impaired.  Tonya is Core Dynamics Pilates, Pilates Method Alliance, and ACE certified.  She has been teaching since 2001 starting in the Madison, Wisconsin area and for the last four years, in the Chicagoland area.  She will be offering private and semi-private sessions at Core Pilates.  Tonya is very excited to be working with Karla Schwartz.
  Christy Riley, Pilates Instructor
Christy grew up in Deerfield and attended college at Indiana University.  After a career in event planning and raising two beautiful daughters, Christy is enjoying this new chapter in her life teaching the Pilates Method.  Christy has received her Reformer, Chair and Mat certifications with Balanced Body University. Christy was drawn to Pilates because of its focus on the core and she wanted to find a form of exercise that she could do for the rest of her life. Christy also enjoys golf and paddle tennis.  She resides with her husband and two daughters in Lake Forest.
  Sheri Harkavy, Pilates Instructor
Sheri Harkavy is a certified Pilates instructor. After being a student of Pilates for years, Sheri realized its countless benefits. She received her certification through Balanced Body University, the education division of the largest Pilates company in the world.

Whether you are new to Pilates or looking for a new challenge, Sheri’s class is right for you. Sheri utilizes many different tools, such as Bosus, balls, and bands, to create the best comprehensive, total body Pilates workout. Her classes are based on the founding principles of Joseph Pilates and are designed to improve core strength, flexibility, balance and agility. Each class can be modified to meet the needs of the beginning student, while adding challenges for the more advanced.
  Cindy Schwartz, Pilates Instructor
As a student of Pilates, Cindy gained so much that she decided to share the benefits with others by becoming an instructor. She has been teaching Mat Pilates since 2005 and began teaching Reformer classes in 2012, as well.  She received her certifications from the Physical Mind Institute and Balanced Body University. “Pilates is the key to aging well and staying healthy,” she says.

After a career in interior design and raising three children, Pilates had such a profound effect on Cindy that she changed her focus from the interiors of buildings to the interior of the human body. Cindy lives in Deerfield and in her spare time enjoys golf, travel, long walks and volunteering for charitable causes.
Core Pilates | 847.432.0100 | Highwood, Highland Park, Lake Forest
Core Pilates | 847.432.0100 | Highwood, Highland Park, Lake Forest
Core Pilates | 847.432.0100 | Highwood, Highland Park, Lake Forest
Core Pilates | Phone 630.263.3745